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Community Impact: How PEACH Toronto Benefits the Local Community

For all those in PEACH Toronto’s co-working space is part of the next phase of its evolution. In our 30 year
history PEACH has been a hub for community empowerment and collaboration. What we’re
offering is more than a co-working space; but a vital part of the local community, dedicated to
making a positive impact on the lives of its residents. Our commitment to fostering a thriving
community extends beyond our office walls, aiming to create a positive impact on the Jane and
Finch Community.

Here’s how this initiative is aimed at benefiting the community:
Promoting Economic Growth – By providing affordable co-working spaces and supportive
services, PEACH Toronto contributes to the economic growth of the Jane and Finch Community.
Small businesses and freelancers can thrive in a professional environment without the burden of
high overhead costs, leading to increased productivity and economic activity in the area.
Supporting Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship is a cornerstone of vibrant communities. Our
co-working spaces support aspiring entrepreneurs by offering a conducive environment for
innovation, collaboration, and networking. Our community-focused approach encourages
entrepreneurial ventures to flourish, contributing to the diversity and vitality of the local economy.
Empowering Youth and Seniors – We’re committed to supporting the next generation and
honouring the wisdom of seniors. Our free membership for youth between 15-25 years old and
seniors 65+ provides them with access to professional resources and a supportive community..
This initiative not only supports these demographic groups but also promotes intergenerational
collaboration and knowledge exchange within the community as well as empowering them to
pursue their goals and stay engaged in community activities

Empowering Local Entrepreneurs – By providing affordable and flexible office space options,
we’re aiming to empower local entrepreneurs and small business owners to establish and grow
their ventures. This support contributes to the economic development of the community by
fostering innovation and job creation.

Community Engagement – We actively engage with the community through events,
workshops, and programs designed to address local needs. From educational seminars to
networking events, we have opportunities for community members to connect, learn, and grow

Transitioning to Self-Sufficiency – As a community-focused organization, Peach Toronto is
dedicated to ensuring its long-term sustainability. By transitioning towards self-sufficiency, we
can continue to offer vital services and support to the community, securing the availability of free
community programs for years to come.

Creating a Safe and Inclusive Space – We’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive space
for all community members. By fostering diversity and prioritizing well-being, Peach Toronto
contributes to creating a supportive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds
feel welcome and valued.

Catalyzing Positive Change – Our vision is to be a self-sustainable community space
dedicated to promoting safety, inclusivity, and prosperity, Peach Toronto aims to catalyze
positive change in the community. By addressing the needs of the community and providing
resources for growth, Peach Toronto plays a role in shaping a brighter future for the local area.

PEACH Toronto is a catalyst for positive change in the Jane and Finch Community. Through
our commitment to economic growth, entrepreneurship, inclusivity, empowerment of youth and
seniors, community engagement, and sustainability, we aim to play a vital role in shaping a
brighter future for the communities we serve.ormation lovers, here’s a little more of the good stuff on what will be happening at Friday’s Bounce. – yessss. It’s our first one, so we’re holding this format lightly and will be seeking your feedback to make sure it’s hitting the spot for all you lovely freelancers, free-thinkers & coworkers.